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Camoplast asphalt track

Asphalt Drag 10.625″ x 121″ x .65″ thick 9895R

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Camso Asphalt Drag Track

10.625″ X 121″ X .625″

2.52″ pitch, N/A clips

From the holeshot to the finish line, Camso digs deep and holds the line right through to claim victory by delivering the best track technology available. 

  • Soft outer rubber provides traction on paved surfaces.
  • 10.625 inch width is lightweight for maximum top speed.
  • Engineered and built for the unique performance requirements of asphalt drag competitions, where traction and super-fast acceleration are the name of the game.

Asphalt Drag 10.625″ x 121″ x .65″ thick 9895R


Weight 33 lbs


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