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camoplast peak 2.5

Peak 2.5 15″ X 163″ X 2.50″ 2.86 pitch SP 9180M

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Camoplast Peak 2.5 Mountain Track

15″ X 163″ X 2.50″

2.86″ Pitch, Fully Clipped

Single-Ply Technology

The vertical challenge requires superior traction to handle the sharp slopes and bottomless powder of high country riding.  Take your mountain sled to new heights with a Camoplast tall lug track.

  • Alternating staggered and cupped lugs really bite the snow. 
  • 2.5 inch lug height for traction in bottomless powder and high peak climbing.
  • Enormous angular lugs bite big and funnel snow under the snowmobile for outstanding flotation.
  • Rigid lug support columns are optimized for soft and hard-packed snow.
  • Stiff outer lug bars deliver better lateral control for improved handling.
  • Center window punched for Polaris RMK.
  • Hard rubber outside compound.

The mountains offer a ride unlike any other.  Camoplast can help you get that adrenaline, deep snow rush unlike any other. 

The Peak 2.5 is the new benchmark for deep snow tracks surpassing even the Camoplast Challenger Extreme and many OEM proprietary tracks. 

Warning: Tracks featuring Single-Ply Technology must use special support plates and studs that have been designed specifically for this.

 Peak 2.5 15″ X 163″ X 2.50″ 2.86 pitch SP 9180M

Weight 59 lbs


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