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C & A PRO MTX Mountain Extreme Skis


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C & A PRO MTX Mountain Extreme Skis


  • Skis are designed for top performance in deep powder conditions that demand maximum flotation and agile steering 
  • 8 inch wide profile; the additional width provides an extended surface to give the front-end lift needed in powder to reduce drag on components under the sled 
  • Skis feature X Edge 90 degree design with rounded outer ribs and a contoured center keel for easy maneuverability when trail riding 
  • Overall design is optimized to minimize weight with the increased width 
  • Adjustable flexible tip 
  • Just 7.7 pounds with handle
  • Extra rear heel height for good carry in reverse
  • Uses same handle, carbides, and mounting kits as all other C&A skis
  • Skis come out of the mold flat, then tips are bent into place, causing a natural outward pressure
  • Preloaded tips absorb much of a bump’s load before it reaches the sled
  • While other plastic skis use rigid, bolted-on metal mounting saddles, the patented C & A all-plastic saddle is molded into the ski, allowing the most flex and reverse flex around
  • Simple 90° angles on a square keel and flat-bottom design floats on the snow instead of relying on engineered-in lift the way other skis do
  • Exclusive ball and cup ski tip loop assembly reduces rigidity and increases tip flexibility
  • Sold in pairs with black loop handles
  • Wear bars/carbides and mounting kit  must be purchased separately

C & A PRO MTX Mountain Extreme Skis

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 10 × 10 cm

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